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Pipeline Rehabilitation System

In an attempt to improve water quality and flow in existing pipelines, water companies use a process which involves scraping the pipe and then re-lining it, often with a polyethylene (PE) liner. Whilst this is a tried and tested technique, worries of water leakage at the termination point remain - Viking Johnson has the ultimate solution.

Simple Connection

LinerGrip is specifically designed as a termination method for existing pipework that has been re-lined with PE pipes that are not self-supporting in buried applications and therefore rely on the host main for pressure retention. One end of the fitting is a simple flange connection which allows attachment of the other flanged equipment.

Gripping & Sealing

The other end of the fitting seals onto the outside of the existing pipe, preventing the ingress of ground water between the host pipe and liner. It also has an in-built gripping mechanism that attaches to the internal PE liner to prevent it from retracting inside the host main, either under tension or internal pressure. The mechanical fitting locally supports the PE liner from the force that it may experience, creating a seal which eradicates potential leak paths which are common where the liner ends.


Extremely versatile, water companies can use LinerGrip with any cast iron, ductile iron, steel, asbetsos cement and concrete pipes that have PE lining. Viking Johnson has a standard LinerGrip range of 50mm to 1000mm but is able to manufacture bespoke fittings to suit almost any specific site conditions. add in photo linergrip installation Viking_JohnsonLinerGrip_project.jpg


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