HandiClamp - Single / Double / Triple Band

  • HandiRange will seal corrosion holes, impact damage and longitudinal cracks
  • Reduced stock holding due to wide tolerance in range
  • Clamps are available with single, double and triple bands - as 1 part (up to 10mm tolerance), 2 parts (up to 20mm tolerance), 3 parts (up to 30mm tolerance)
  • Permanent repair for many types of pipe damage from DN50 (2”) to DN1000 (24”)

Pipe Materials

Ductile Iron Steel PVC Cast Iron Asbestos Cement Stainless Steel PE HEP30 GRP ABS Clay Concrete Copper Lead


Water Gas

1 Corrosion Protection

Components constructed of fully-passivated stainless steel (Grade 304) with no need for any further protection on-site (e.g. on-site wrapping). Bolts are secured with Dacromet coated nuts to prevent galling.

Viking Johnson HandiRange Protection

2 Easy Installation

Rapid installation in poor site conditions, made easy with simple, 'flip-over' action and self retaining bolts.

Viking Johnson HandiRange Easy Installation

3 First Time Seal

All encompassing waffle gasket offers a guarenteed reliable seal even on badly corroded pipes.

Viking Johnson HandiRange Seal

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    HandiRange Brochure

    Stainless Steel Repair & Tapping Solutions


Data Sheets

Fitting Instruction

  • handiclamp single 01 19 HandiClamp Single Band Repair Clamp Installation Instructions