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UltraGrip Amplified Reducing Coupling

The extension to the proven UltraGrip range of wide tolerance restrained fittings now includes DN700, DN800 and DN900 sizes, which are ideal for new lay and large scale infrastructure projects.

All adaptors and couplings in the Amplified range are rated 16 bar, plus there is a full set of 2D and 3D CAD and BIM models.

The UltraGrip restraint system is equipped with a unique sealing and gripping technology that allows water utilities contractors to repair pipelines faster, without the need for external restraints, like for example thrust blocks.

When pipes are distorted or out of round the UltraGrip’s market leading 35mm tolerance provides more clearance to ensure a simple connection.

4° angularity at each end covering the entire range including top and bottom tolerance. This feature eliminates the need for installers to measure the pipe to calculate the allowable angularity.

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Pipe Materials
Steel Asbestos Cement Cast Iron Ductile Iron MOPVC PE

1 Cost Effective Pipelines

UltraGrip restraint system is equipped with a unique gripping technology that allows consulting engineers to design more cost effective pipelines, without the need for external restraints, like for example thrust blocks


2 Long Term Performance

Product is third party accredited to BS8561:2021 which ensures end user confidence. When used on polyethylene pipe the product achieves a Type 2 end load performance as defined in WIS 4-24-01 and ISO 17855.

3 Higher Pressures

16 bar product as standard, to support the growing requirement for higher operating pressure pipe networks.

4 Simple to Fit

Supplied with captive studs, these can be bolted up by a technician using a single spanner making UltraGrip ideal for use in all trench conditions. Plus there is no requirement to re-torque or revisit after initial bolt-up.


5 Increased Flexibility

4° angularity at each end allows bends to be designed into pipe networks and to join misaligned pipes in the ground

6 50 Year Design Life

Along with extensive long term testing, and high performance gasket, the stainless steel bolts coated with dry film lubricant provide excellent corrosion resistance against degradation and maximises the longevity of the product.


7 Connects Various Pipe Materials

A 35mm tolerance ensures one size fits multiple pipe materials, and designed to allow for use on out of round and out of specification pipe.

8 No Leakages

A proven high performance wide tolerance, EPDM gasket technology which Viking Johnson has been utilising for more than 40 years.

gasket main

9 Simple Repairs

Large setting gaps allow operative bigger tolerances for cutting and positioning pipes making it quicker and easier when undertaking repairs.

10 Ease of Handling

Installation made simple with incorporated lifting eyes for ease of manoeuvrability.


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  • ultragrip amp iom 022024 UltraGrip Amplified Coupling & Flange Adaptor Installation Manual (02-2024)

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