Heavy Duty Expansion Joints

Heavy Duty Expansion Joint

A PosiFlex elastomeric expansion joint is a flexible connector fabricated of natural or synthetic elastomer, fabrics and, where necessary, metallic reinforcements. They provide stress relief in piping systems caused by thermal and mechanical vibration and/or movement. It can also be used to overcome problems of noise. Rubber, as a material of construction in the PosiFlex expansion joint, has superior noise and vibration eliminating qualities over all other types of material. 

The standard PosiFlex expansion joint is of the spool-type with a single arch and flanged ends. The movement capability of the PosiFlex expansion joint is dependent upon the arch. If greater expansion or contraction is required than can be absorbed by a single arch, then a multiple arch joint can be used with up to four arches.

PosiFlex elastomeric expansion joints are suitable for both pressure and vacuum systems. Note, multiple arched constructions are not suitable for vacuum applications unless specifically designed for that service.
In general, PosiFlex elastomeric expansion joints are used in above ground situations. If used in a buried situation, the joint must be housed in a chamber, to allow free movement of the joint.