Posiflex Expansion Joints

Posiflex expansion joints provide relief for piping system stress caused by thermal and mechanical vibration and/or movement, and can also be utilised to overcome problems of noise. These flexible connectors are fabricated from a wide range of rubber compounds, open or filled, single or multiple arch and are designed to accommodate the needs of individual pipe systems conveying materials as diverse as fluids, foodstuffs, chemicals or crude oil.

Posiflex expansion joints offer a range of benefits in installation and use, particularly an ability to cope with multi-dimensional movement including rotational and lateral. A full bore design means no obstruction to the flow and reduced turbulence.

Advantages of PosiFlex Expansion Joints

  • Compensate for Axial Movements
  • Compensate for Lateral, Torsion and Angular Movements
  • Vibration and Sound Absorption
  • Corrosion/Erosion Resistant
  • Minimal Dimensions
  • Ease of Installation
  • Shock Resistant
  • Greater Recovery from Movement
  • Freedom from Embrittlement
  • Eliminates Electrolysis
  • Economy
  • Maintenance Free