UltraGrip Flange Adaptor

  • High level of performance in both water and gas applications
  • Increased diameter range and wide tolerance delivers a reduction in stock holding costs
  • Gripping product can be converted to non-gripping flexible product by removing grippers, to permit axial movement
  • Available in Nitrile for gas and EPDM for water, materials approved to WRAS as well as KTW and DVGW W270 (11.2007) for potable water applications
  • Reversible captive bolts for quick and easy installation
  • New design based on proven technology to deliver total peace of mind
  • Sizes from DN40 -DN 600
Pipe Materials
Ductile Iron Steel PVC Cast Iron Asbestos Cement PE HEP30 GRP
Water Gas

1 Intelligent Carriers

The carriers can accommodate high tolerances of pipe outside diameters - up to 44mm, with interlocking "spring" effect ensuring gasket & grippers retract so product slips over top tolerance pipe without interference.

Viking Johnson UltraGrip Intelligent Carriers

2 Unique UltraGrip Sealing Gasket

Specially profiled gasket ensures full seal even on scored and corroded pipes. Tested on "knurled and grooved pipe", as detailed in "Specification for Methods of Repairing Leaking Ferrous Gas Mains Part 4: Pipe Repair Clamps, Split Collars and Under Pressure Branch Connections (GIS/LC8-4):2006", to verify the sealing capability on severely corroded and pitted pipe in low pressure gas applications.

Viking Johnson UltraGrip Sealing Gasket

3 Simple to Fit

Captive bolt heads allow use of a single spanner to install.

Viking Johnson UltraGrip Simple to Fit

4 Progressive Gripping Mechanism

Increases its end load restraint capability as the internal pressure in the pipe increases. One gripper system suits all recommended pipe materials and offers full end load resistance at full angular deflection.

Viking Johnson UltraGrip Gripping

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    UltraGrip Brochure

    Optimum Wide Tolerance & Full End Restraint - available up to DN600


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General Videos

  • "Our Range Just Got Bigger" - UltraGrip DN600
    Next Generation UltraGrip with ultimate gripping technology has now been extended in sizes up to DN600. The UltraGrip range extension will allow customers a single sealing and gripping product solution to cover the majority of pipes installed in their underground pipe network. UltraGrip provides an advanced solution for achieving restrained pipe connections through substitution of traditional jointing methods. UltraGrip products are designed to offer a answer for joining plain-ended pipes and contain an end load resistant mechanism, that grips and seals onto a variety of pipe materials including cast iron, ductile iron, steel, PVC* and PE*.
    View the Video

  • Viking Johnson Next Generation UltraGrip
    The Next Generation UltraGrip is a fully restrained coupling solution for water and gas applications is now available in diameters up to 400mm. New enhanced design features also provide the ultimate sealing and gripping solution on all pipe surface conditions and recommended materials.
    View the Video

  • Viking Johnson wins Belarus Award for NGUG
    In November 2011, Viking Johnson together with it's Belarusian distributor, Setcom, won the acclaimed 'Best Building Product of the Year' in Belarus for it's Next Generation UltraGrip range. The range was entered into the 'Pipeline Element' category which included tough competition.
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