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AquaShield® Flange Adaptor

AquaShield® - DN90, DN125 & DN180 coming soon - is a non-permeable universal fitting, available as a coupling or a flange adaptor to be used on new installations and repairs to connect different barrier pipe systems reliably.

These fittings prevent contaminants entering water networks by sealing the barrier pipe from within while keeping the outer layer of the barrier pipe intact. It can also be used as a transition to a standard PE water network.

AquaShield® is rated to 16 bar working pressure and has a unique gripping mechanism offering WIS 4-24-01 type-1 end load restraint which means the pipe will fail before the fitting. It is independently tested and approved to BS 8561:2021 and certified by WRc and RINA for permeation against contaminants as per BS 8588:2017 (section 7.7).


1 Fully Restrained

Fully restrained fitting designed to meet the performance requirements of BS 8561:2021.

2 Universal Fitting

Universal fitting that interconnects all major barrier pipe brands including Protecta-Line, Puriton, SLA and PE 100

3 Prevents Contaminants

Independently tested against BS 8588:2017 (section 7.7), which prevents contaminants from the ground penetrating into the water supply.

4 No Secondary Re-torque Necessary

5 Long Term Corrosion Protection

Stainless steel nuts and bolts coated with dry film lubricant, which provides long term corrosion protection.

6 Rilsan Protective Coating

AquaShield® utilises Rilsan: a bio coating made from castor oil which is highly protective and environmentally sustainable.


7 Visual Indicator for Correct Installation

visual indicator

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  • aquashield brochure cover

    AquaShield Brochure - Range Extended

    Universal Fittings For Barrier Pipes DN90 / DN125 / DN180 (version 2)


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Fitting Instruction

  • AquaShield IOM cover 0823 AquaShield® Installation Instructions (version 2)

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BIM Files

  • 1. AquaShield Flange Adaptor DN90 View
  • 2. AquaShield Flange Adaptor DN125 View
  • 3. AquaShield Flange Adaptor DN180 View


  • 1. WRc Approved - AquaShield® 90mm / 125mm / 180mm Coupling & Flange Adaptor Download >