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EasiTap (includes 4 bolt stainless steel option)

  • Can be installed under pressure.
  • No costly mains shutdown
  • No disruption to customers
  • No dirty water complaints
  • Enables easy repair in conditions where other pipes are in close proximity.
  • A reliable and permanent leak tight seal on circumferential or longitudinal cracks.
  • Available from DN50 to DN300.
  • Available from DN350 to DN700 in Large Diameter version.
Pipe Materials
Asbestos Cement Cast Iron Ductile Iron PVC Steel

1 Corrosion Protection

All cast components are fully coated in Black Rilsan Nylon 11 which has excellent resistance to impact, abrasion, weathering and chemicals as well as good thermal stability and flexibility to accommodate for rough site handling

Viking Johnson EasiRange F&B Corrosion Protection

2 High Strength

The strength of the ductile iron housings will provide permanent support and seal around the pipe.

3 Permanent Seal

The 100% ‘Waffle’ gasket provides a reliable and permanent leak tight seal even on circumferential or longitudinal cracks.

Viking Johnson EasiRange F&B Permanent Seal

4 Industry Testing

Viking Johnson products undergo intensive performance testing to ensure the strength and integrity of all products meet industry standards.

Accelerated Ageing Tests (AAT) to verify 50 year design life expectancy.

EasiRange has been tested on knurled and grooved pipe work to match typical pipe conditions found on many sites around the world.

5 Enhanced Lifespan

Sherplex coated bolts to WIS 4-52-03 & Stainless Steel bolts coated with dry film lubricant provides excellent corrosion resistance against degradation and maximizes long life.

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    EasiRange Brochure

    EasiClamp, EasiTap, EasiTee & EasiCollar. A Rapid Solution for Pipe Repair & Tapping.


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Fitting Instruction

  • EasiClamp EasiTap VJ IOM 0417 DR9172 EasiClamp & EasiTap Installation Instructions

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