RingSeal EasiTee

  • Lightweight and quick to install
  • Up to DN600 branch (however, if the pipe is grey cast iron the branch must be limited to 70% of the main line size)
  • Can be installed under pressure - No costly shutdowns, disruption to customers, dirty water complaints
  • Available from DN350 to DN1200
  • Ability to fabricate any flange drilling or outlet (subject to pressure rating of the product)
Pipe Materials
Ductile Iron Steel Cast Iron

1 Excellent Corrosion Protection

The sleeve or body are fully coated in Black Rilsan Nylon 11 which has excellent resistance to impact, abrasion, weathering and chemicals as well as good thermal stability and flexibility to accommodate for rough site handling. It is WRAS listed.

Viking Johnson EasiRange F&B Excellent Corrosion Protection

2 Simple Construction

Fabricated from carbon steel, with a circular gasket positioned at the base of the branch connection, makes the RingSeal EasiTee both a lighter and cost-effective alternative to the MattSeal EasiTee

Viking Johnson EasiRange F&B Simple Construction

3 User Friendly

Sheraplex coated bolts offer a consitent torque/load ratio improving the factor of safety and sensitivity to installer error and eliminates galling of the coating in threads.

Viking Johnson EasiRange F&B User Friendly

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