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The extension to the proven UltraGrip range of wide tolerance restrained fittings now includes DN700, DN800 and DN900 sizes, which are ideal for new lay and large scale infrastructure projects.

Viking Johnson has made specification easy across the UltraGrip Amplified range, where all adaptors and couplings are rated 16 bar, plus there is a full set of 2D and 3D CAD and BIM models.

The Features & Benefits

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Case Studies

Ise Valley, Stanton Cross & Nimes Metropole Projects

Viking Johnson UltraGrip Amplified DN700's have been specified and installed at Stanton Cross on a new housing development near Wellingborough. It has also been selected by Eau de Nimes Metropole to support the work of installing a new flow meter to collect water consumption data for analysis to locate leaks and minimising water loss in their network

View Stanton Cross View Nimes Metropole Ise vally photo montage

Multi-Language Support

To support projects across the globe, UltraGrip Amplified Brochures and Installation and Maintenence Manuals are available in a range of languages:

Repair & Maintenance

Infrastructure Projects

Couplings & Flange Adaptors

DN700, DN800 & DN900 Range

Big Pipe Fittings

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For Peace of Mind

UltraGrip offers 4° angularity at each end covering the entire range including top and bottom tolerance. This feature eliminates the need for installers to measure the pipe to calculate the allowable angularity.

It also offers Benefits on the design of new pipe networks as bends can be designed into the pipeline without use of specialist fittings and offers flexibility on installation covering pipe misalignment.

The Features & Benefits

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Climate change is reshaping how Utilities operate

Adapting to Environmental Extremes

Many utilities around the world are finding a need to transport water over longer distances, and especially from regions with a surplus to drought stricken ones.

Consequently, the industry has sort more cost effective pipeline designs that utilise larger sizes and higher pressure ratings, with 16 bar becoming the standard working pressure across their networks.

Our Sustainable Approach

Demonstration Centre

As part of the development of the UltraGrip range and for an enhanced customer experience, Viking Johnson has invested in a new Demonstration Centre.

The Centre enables simulations of real trench like conditions whilst testing product under pressure with both tensile and hydrostatic assessments. All the water used in these tests is provided by a sustainable rainwater harvesting system.

So, customers, contractors and technicians wishing to learn more about UltraGrip, can visit the Centre, view and handle the product whilst receiving essential hands on training.

Viking Johnson Demonstration Centre
Checking Torque

Meets Industry Standards

UltraGrip is compliant with the industry standards as confirmed with WRc certification, which offers peace of mind and verifies the 50 years design life expectancy.

All water contact materials used in UltraGrip are approved for use with potable water; the gaskets are WRAS approved and the Rilsan Nylon coating has both WRAS and DWI certification.

Couplings & Flange Adaptors

DN700, DN800 & DN900 Range