Style 1100, 1101, 1102, 1103 & 1104

  • Versatile hand-built construction
  • Standard or custom face-to-face dimensions
  • Wide flowing arch design
  • Exceptional all directional movement capability
  • Virtually eliminates sediment build-up
  • Higher pressure rating than conventional expansion joints
  • Excellent chemical and abrasion resistance
  • Full vacuum rating (-1 Bar g) in all style 1101 sizes
  • For multi-arch full vacuum applications refer to style 1200
  • 121°C continuous services standard, 204°C available
  • Filled arch design available
  • Standard drillings include: ANSI/AWWA, DIN and PN
  • Hot dip galvanised retaining rings standard
  • Wide variety of tube and cover elastomers available, including pure gum rubber, EPDM, neoprene, butyl, nitrile, Viton®, food grade and more
  • Absorbs noise, vibration and shock
  • Compensates for minor misalignment and offset
  • Low stiffness and deflection forces
  • Integral flanged design, no gaskets required
  • Simple to install, lightweight and high strength
  • Provides easy access to piping and equipment

1 Style 1100

No arch

style A15

2 Style 1101

Single (1) Arch

Heavy Duty Expansion Joint

3 Style 1102

Double (2 Arches), double movement with 1/2 the spring rate

style 1102

4 Style 1103

Triple (3 Arches), triple movement with 1/3 the spring rate

style 1103

5 Style 1104

Quadruple (4 Arches) quadruple movement with 1/4 the spring rate

style 1104

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    Posiflex Brochure

    Compensates for Expansion, Contraction and Vibration in Pipe Systems


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Fitting Instruction

  • posiflex cover VJ IOM REJ 0718 DR9811 Posiflex Rubber Expansion Joint Installation, Maintenance & Storage