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  • Design life expectancy of 50 years, established by rigorous 'Accelerated Age Testing' which subjects product to working pressure at 80°C for 1000 hours.
  • Wide tolerances permit lower stock holding.
  • Extensive range is available in sizes DN40 - DN300.
  • All models accommodate angularity between pipes which allows for normal pipeline. movement caused by ground settlement. Couplings and reducing couplings allowing for 6° total angular deflection (3° total on the flange adaptors).
  • A rigorous bolt torque test is completed to confirm that the bolt, end ring and adaptor body are capable of withstanding bolt over-tightening to 1.5 times maximum recommended torque.
Pipe Materials
ABS Asbestos Cement Cast Iron Concrete Copper Ductile Iron GRP HEP30 PE PVC Stainless Steel Steel

PE*Due to the flexible nature of the plastic pipes, a close fit Stainless Steel internal support liner is required when PE Pipe or thin walled PVC is used to make a repair to prevent excessive pipe deformation which can occur when a coupling or flange adaptor is installed.

Gas Water

1 Unique Gasket

A unique gasket with distinctive circumferential ribs provides a 'slide easy' fit for maximum sealing on scored, corroded or pitted pipe.

Viking Johnson MaxiFit F&B Unique Gasket

2 Excellent Corrosion & Damage Protection

Coated in black Rilsan Nylon 11 which is WRAS listed and has excellent resistance to impact, abrasion, weathering and chemicals. It also has good thermal stability and flexibility to accommodate for rough site handling.

Viking Johnson F&B MaxiFit Corrosion

3 Simple Installation

Captive, non-rotating bolt heads require just a torque wrench to install.

Viking Johnson F&B MaxiFit Simple Installation

4 Flexible Fit

Flared end to the sleeve forms a deep gasket chamber to give maximum possible pipe adjustment.

Viking Johnson MaxiFit F&B Flexible Fit

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    MaxiFit Brochure

    Wide tolerance range. Mechanical pipe fitting technology.


Data Sheets

Fitting Instruction

  • maxifit couplings iom cover 2019 MaxiFit Couplings Installation Instructions


  • 1. MaxiFit EN14525 BSI Verification Certification VC743696 Download >
  • 2. MaxiFit EN14525 BSI Verification Certification VC743696 Test Report Download >

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