• Repair collar for spigot and sock joints suitable for -old spigot & socket iron pipes, cast iron double collars, asbestos cement collars, concrete
  • Can be installed under pressure (no costly mains shutdown or disruption to customers)
  • Available from DN300 to DN1800
  • No additional lead caulking
  • EasiCollar is generally made to order, taking into account the particular dimensions of the pipe and socket
Pipe Materials
Ductile Iron Steel Cast Iron Asbestos Cement Concrete

1 Proven Sealing Capability

EasiCollar has a gasket that presses against the old caulking and provides a new seal on the face of the socket and pipe surface. It creates a flexible joint that uses the same basic sealing method as standard Viking Johnson couplings.

2 Excellent Corrosion Protection

The sleeve or body are fully coated in Black Rilsan Nylon 11 which has excellent resistance to impact, abrasion, weathering and chemicals as well as good thermal stability and flexibility to accommodate for rough site handling. It is WRAS listed.

3 User Friendly

Sheraplex coated bolts offer a consitent torque/load ratio improving the factor of safety and sensitivity to installer error and eliminates galling of the coating in threads.

4 Simple Solution to Renew Old Joints

Two rings are assembled in segments around the pipe, one in front of the socket and around the gasket, the other as an anchorage behind the socket. When the connecting bolts are tightened, pressure is created in the gasket to seal the leaking joint.

Viking Johnson EasiRange F&B Simple Solution

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    EasiRange Brochure

    EasiClamp, EasiTap, EasiTee & EasiCollar. A Rapid Solution for Pipe Repair & Tapping.


Data Sheets

  • 1. EasiCollar DN300 to DN1200 Datasheet Download > (PDF)
  • 2. EasiCollar Online Enquiry / Order Form

    Complete this online form fillable PDF. Press send and save once complete to assist with a quotation for EasiCollar.

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Fitting Instruction

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