MegaFit Coupling

  • The MegaFit range is suitable for water and gas applications. Following extensive tests, the products can be guaranteed for a working pressure of 16 bar for water applications (test pressure 24 bar) and 6 bar for gas (test pressure 9 bar).
  • With up to 34mm tolerance on the pipe OD, each product fits a range of pipe diameters and materials. It reduces the need for expensive and time consuming trial holes, reduces stock holding and increases stock turn. In all MegaFit is adaptable and economic solution to most pipe connections.
  • For the discerning customer, the MegaFit range offers an extended sealing face, greater than other wide tolerance models. M16 bolts on DN100 models and above ensure a complete robust solution.
  • MegaFit couplings accommodate angular deflection between pipes of up to 8° for couplings and 4° for flange adaptors, allowing for ease of installation and for pipeline movement such as ground settlement. This angular deflection can be utilised to lay pipelines to long radius curves, without the need for special fittings, saving both time and cost
Pipe Materials
Ductile Iron Cast Iron Stainless Steel PVC HEP30 ABS Copper Concrete Asbestos Cement Steel
Water Gas

1 Guaranteed Sealing

The unique, ‘slide easy’ gasket provides maximum sealing pressure, even on scored, pitted and corroded pipe surfaces through its distinctive circumferential ribs

Viking Johnson MegaFit sealing

2 Excellent Corrosion Protection

Metal components are coated with Rilsan Nylon 11 which is WRAS approved for use with potable water,. The nuts and bolts are Sheraplex coated to WIS 4-52-03, offering long term protection to corrosion, impact and abrasion for continued reliable performance.

Viking Johnson MegaFit corrosion protection

3 User Friendly

The MegaFit range is supplied with captive bolts, meaning that the nuts need only to be tightened, with a torque wrench, at one end, saving time and simplifying installation

Viking Johnson MegaFit user benefits

4 Simple to Fit

MegaFit includes an extended centre sleeve as standard to aid installation it allows for greater cutting tolerances and greater pipe insertion depths - sealing beyond corrosion damaged pipe ends.

Viking Johnson MegaFit easy fit

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    Couplings & Flange Adaptors - Advanced Mechanical Jointing Technology


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  • megafit coup flange 11 2018 MegaFit Coupling & Flange Adaptor DN50 to DN300

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