Marine Adaptors

  • The Marine design allows angular movement, which caters for minor misalignment and pipe deflection with couplings up to 6º & flange adaptors to 3º. 
  • Marine products up to DN300 are pre-assembled allowing quick and efficient installation, without the need for dismantling, even in the most difficult of conditions.
  • Marine couplings are capable of accommodating 10mm of expansion/contraction per fitting, flange adaptors 5mm which reduces the need for supplementary expansion joints or bellows.
Pipe Materials
Steel Ductile Iron GRP PVC
Water Gas Industrial

1 Corrosion Protection

Available as standard with galvanised body and bolts for the most arduous conditions.

Viking Johnson-Marine couplingadaptor corrosionprotection

2 Fixed Fitting

Removable locating plug prevents coupling creep caused by continuous vibrations found onboard along with movement from temperature variations.

Viking Johnson-marine couplingadaptor locating plug

3 Simple to FIt

Captive, non-rotating bolt head requires single spanner/ torque wrench to make installation simple with one bolt size (M12) across range and one bolt torque (55-65Nm) for all pipe materials.

Viking Johnson-Marine couplingadaptor non rotating bolt head

4 Reduces Noise

Resilient gasket helps absorb both noise and vibration.

Viking Johnson-Marine couplingadaptor gasket

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    Marine Brochure

    Couplings & Flange Adaptors. Approved & Pre-assembled Fittings.