AquaFast Flange Adaptor

  • Improved design for easy alignment especially on oval and coiled pipe
  • New Gripper mechanism provides greater flexibility, even in harsh and wet trench conditions to correctly align pipework
  • Progressive gripping and pressure responsive sealing technology ensures high performance even after pipe wall relaxation
  • AquaFast is ideal for small diameter pumped sewerage pipelines - as a support liner is not required.
  • No need to dismantle before use, simply slip into place and tighten
  • Slip-on coupling without central obstruction makes it easier to make repairs to existing pipelines
  • Supplied as standard with EPDM gasket approved by WRAS for use with potable water
  • Corrosion protection - Metal components are coated with Rilsan Nylon 11 which is WRAS approved for use with potable water.
  • Dual function - can be used to connect PE80/100 and Metric PVC - ideal for PE/PVC transitional connections.

Pipe Materials




1 Simple to Install

With fewer bolts to fasten and no torque wrench needed, AquaFast requires less skill and significantly less time and effort to install compared to other systems.

simple to install2 AquaFast

2 Positive Stop

Metal-to-metal positive stop inhibits over tightening removing the need for a torque wrench meaning less skill is needed to install and ensures the perfect installation every time.

Positive Stop  AquaFast

3 Resists Pullout

Fully restrained fitting, designed to meet the performance requirements of WIS 4-24-01 Type 2 and ISO 14236.2.

Pull out  AquaFast

4 Easy Adjustment on Pipe

The resister enables the installer
to adjust the fitting position over
the pipe even in harsh trench
conditions through delayed
engagement of the gripper.

Resister AquaFast

5 Unique 3-way Pressure Sealing System

The patented gasket and metal component design features enable three-way pressure responsive sealing, ensuring high performance sealing even after pipe wall relaxation.

AquaFast Pressure Sealing Viking Johnson

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  • AquafastFullBro2018.JPG

    AquaFast Couplings & Flange Adaptors Full Brochure

    For Polyethylene & PVC Connections 63mm - 450mm Diameter


Data Sheets

Fitting Instruction

  • aquafast cfa DR9942C AquaFast Couplings & Flange Adaptors IOM

General Videos

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CAD Drawings

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