Wall Couplings

  • Straightforward for Civil Contractor to position the pipe.
  • Easy to secure and prevent movement of the pipe work.
  • Large formwork panels can be reused as there is no need to make holes in the shuttering.
  • No need for a contractor to come back and cast in pipes or ‘make good’ the wall surface after casting pipes.
  • Ensures good bond between wall and pipe.
  • Installed cost can be drastically reduced particularly where a large number of through the wall joints appear on a structure e.g. in a gravity treatment works.



1 Corrosion Protection

Metal components are coated with Rilsan Nylon 11 which is WRAS approved for use with potable water and offers a long term protection to corrosion, impact and abrasion to ensures continued reliable performance.

2 Flexible Fit

Using a standard Type 1 Viking Johnson wall coupling gives a flexible coupling either side of the wall where pipes can either be passed through or inserted into each side. This allows for slight misalignment or angular deflection on each side of the wall.

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    Wall Couplings Brochure

    The Perfect Through Wall Connection


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