Viking Johnson MaxiFit

The Flexible Solution for Pipe Repairs

The range of MaxiFit universal couplings represents the very latest in mechanical pipe coupling technology. MaxiFit products are designed to accommodate plain ended pipes with different outside diameters, one fitting is able to connect steel, ductile iron, PVCu, cast iron, GRP, asbestos cement pipes and limited lengths of PE pipe for repairs.

Suited to Many Pipe Materials

It is the variety of pipe materials that the MaxiFit range is suitable for and the wide tolerance which makes it ideal for repair situations where a section of pipe must be cut out and replaced.

MaxiFit easily transitions between various pipe materials, making a simple, permanent and reliable repair whilst the wide tolerance means that only a few strategic sizes need to be kept in stock to cover main repair or emergency situations.

PE Pipe can even be used to affect a repair in rigid pipes, but as the MaxiFit range is not end restraint, the length of PE used in the repair will need to be limited to 1 metre length of pipe on the standard MaxiFit Range and 2 metre length on the MaxiFit Xtra.

Innovative Gasket

The versatile range is pre-assembled with an innovative gasket which has 'slide easy' ribs to reduce friction on pipes at the upper tolerance range of the fitting, providing maximum sealing pressure, even on scored, pitted and corroded pipe surfaces. The captive non-rotating bolt heads require just a single spanner to install with just one standard bolt torque accross the range. These features allow for a quick and efficient installation even in the most difficult of conditions.


ABS Steel Stainless Steel Asbestos Cement Cast Iron Copper Concrete Ductile Iron GRP HEP30 PVC


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