AquaFast Large Diameter Flange Adaptor

  • Adaptor can be used for repair - no internal restriction ideal for Sewage applications.
  • Fittings comes fully assembled.
  • Suitable for connecting pipes in wet/submerged conditions and above ground applications.
  • No requirement for a support liner, torque wrench or any other specialist equipment on site.
  • Easy to centralise on the pipe.
  • Reduced stockholding - One product can connect one nominal pipe size with common SDRs (11 & 17/17.6).
  • 50 years design life expectancy.
  • Reusability - No spares requires for multiple installations.
  • Saves time and effort as Contractor only has to identify PE pipe nominal size to select correct fitting.
  • Minimal number of bolts to tighten.
Pipe Materials

1 Innovative Gripping

An enhanced gripping mechanism offers Type 2 end load restraint, resisting pipe pull out

aquafast large dia feature 1

2 Corrosion Protection

All cast components are fully coated in Black Rilsan Nylon 11 which has excellent resistance to impact, abrasion, weathering and chemicals as well as good thermal stability and flexibility to accommodate for rough site handling.

aquafast large dia feature 2

3 Positive Stop

Correct installation confirmed through visual indication with metal to metal contact between the clamp bands.

aquafast large dia feature 3

4 Centralisation Feature

Centralisation bolts are available around the product allowing accurate fitment during installation.

aquafast large dia feature 4

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  • aquafast brochure v8

    AquaFast Couplings & Flange Adaptors Brochure - 11/2023

    Designed & Engineered to Simplify Polyethylene & PVC Pipe Connections (Issue 8)


Data Sheets

  • 1. AquaFast Large Diameter Flange Adaptor 355mm to 450mm Datasheet Download > (PDF)

Fitting Instruction

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