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Style TSS, EPS & LPS

1 Style TSS (Teflon Spray Shield)

  • Safely deflects harmful spray-out if leakage occurs at flanges, valves or expansion joints
  • Solid fluoroplastic PTFE construction offers superior chemical resistance and 204°C service
  • Simple to install, lightweight and high strength

Style TSS

2 Style EPS (Expansion Penetration Seal)

  • Seals pipes through walls, floors and casings with excellent all directional movement capability and low deflection forces
  • Absorbs noise, vibration, pipe misalignment, thermal movements, ground settlement and seismic displacements
  • Sealing pressure 275 KPa and 121°C service
  • Versatile flanged or slip-on designs
  • Custom designs available for larger movements, higher pressure and/or higher service temperature
  • Wide variety of sealing elements and hardware available

posiflex eps

3 Style LPS (Link Penetration Seal)

  • Seals pipes through walls, floors and casings
  • Sealing pressure 137 KPa and 121°C service
  • Seals around any round or radius penetration
  • Wide variety of sealing elements, pressure plates, and hardware available
  • Absorbs noise, vibration and minor misalignment
  • Simple to install, most cost-effective solution

posiflex lps

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    Posiflex Brochure

    Compensates for Expansion, Contraction and Vibration in Pipe Systems


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Fitting Instruction

  • posiflex cover VJ IOM REJ 0718 DR9811 Posiflex Rubber Expansion Joint Installation, Maintenance & Storage