Viking Johnson UltraGrip Amplified

Performing for Generations to Come
Features & Benefits

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Upsized for the challenges ahead

Versatile Fittings

UltraGrip is the perfect choice for water and wastewater applications for projects below or above ground*. It is the ideal solution for joining diverse pipe materials such as Ductile Iron, Cast Iron, Steel, PE, MOPVC and Asbestos Cement.

Wide Tolerance Gaskets

*UltraGrip can be used in above ground applications, where it is not exposed to direct sunlight, and falls within the 40 degrees operating temperature range (between -20 and +60).

Repair & Maintenance

Infrastructure Projects

Ease of Installation

UltraGrip is easy to install on site even in narrow trenches. Installation is made simple with lifting eyes added for ease of manoeuvrability. The product is preassembled to allow for quick positioning over the top and bottom tolerance pipe with captive studs requiring only a single spanner for tightening when dealing with tricky site conditions.

Plus after installation there is no requirement to re-torque or to revisit after initial bolt up.

Exceptional versatility for large scale infrastructure projects

Angle Tolerance

Exhaustive Testing & Accreditations

Extensive testing & quality endorsements

Viking Johnson products undergo vigorous testing regimes to ensure a long life, these includes finite element analysis (ANSYS) as well as extensive testing witnessed by third party test houses to verify compliance with the long term testing as defined in BS8561:2021, when used on Ductile Iron, Steel, PE, MOPVC, Cast Iron, and Asbestos Cement. For PE UltraGrip fittings also achieve an axial end load equivalent of a Type 2 performance as defined and tested by IGN 4-01-02:2017.

In addition, the performance has been validated through extensive physical testing, including hydrostatic, pull-out, leak tightness, strength and resistance to distortion tests. Furthermore, pressure tests with shear load have been carried out on grooved pipe, to simulate typical corrosion and ground loading found in old pipelines.

Also the products can mobilise restraint and seal effectively in all situations, giving installers and end users confidence the products will perform.

Working Pressure & Temperature Ratings

Gripping Product Flex Product Operating
Gas Water Gas Water
DN700 n/a 16 bar n/a 16 bar 20 to + 60°C
DN800 n/a 16 bar n/a 16 bar

Couplings & Flange Adaptors

DN700 - DN800 Range