Water Utility Project - Indonesia

Posted on 01st Feb 2021

A water utility company in South East Asia found on inspection that an existing HDPE pipe had a non-standard OD. The quick and easy solution was to connect the pipes using an UltraGrip flange adaptor which has a wide tolerance. 
UltraGrip offers an easy transition from one pipe material to another including cast iron, ductile iron, steel, PVC and PE. Enabling a simple, permanent and reliable repair.
Project: Water Utility – Bulk Transfer Main - Hutan Kota, Penjaringan. 
Client: Pam Jaya, Jakarta
Distributor: PT Duta Prima Utama
Product Specification: UltraGrip Flange Adaptor 
Size: 500mm (498-552mm)
PN rating: PN 10

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