Viking Johnson provides award winning service to London 2012 Games

Posted on 08th Jan 2014

Viking Johnson, a leading Crane Building Services and Utilities brand, supplied eight LinerGrip fittings to repair a burst mains pipe at London’s Olympic Park.

In March 2010, work was well advanced on developing the Olympic Park, when without warning the 42” cast iron main burst resulting in a flood that left the site barely workable for a period of two weeks.  Given the sensitivity of the project, and the need to ensure that a burst of this nature didn’t repeat itself, a plan was devised to replace most sections of the existing cast iron main with new ductile iron mains. However, at two strategic locations this was not possible and so a decision was made to utilise the existing cast iron mains and install a close-fit, non-structural PE liner that would use LinerGrip as its termination fitting.

Viking Johnson teamed up with specialist pipelining contractors Subterra and installed eight LinerGrips inside four weeks, a trouble-free installation and commissioning program that was completed ahead of schedule.  Subterra’s Subline close-fit PE liners, terminated with Viking Johnson’s LinerGrip fittings, offered the quickest and most cost-effective lining solution for the mains, referred to locally as the “Finsbury Park 42” main” and the “Woodford 36” main.”

Commenting on the project Norman Howell - Subterra - Director of Business Development stated “We have had many years problem-free experience in the use of LinerGrip as an assured means for terminating thin-walled liners.”

After supplying the LinerGrips, Viking Johnson became an “Official Supplier of Pipe Repair and Connection Products to the London 2012 Games.”

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