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Emergency Pipeline Repair - Frankfurt, Germany

Posted on 20th Jun 2024

A defective pipeline from the GDR era required immediate repair due to a leaking branch fused onto a steel pipe. The leakage was caused by pitting, necessitating a swift and effective solution.

In an overnight operation lasting over 17 hours, FWA employees successfully repaired the defective pipeline. The team cut out the damaged branch and inserted a 6-meter cast iron pipe as a fitting piece.

Utilising two UltraGrip (sold as FRIAGRIP in Germany) couplings (DN600), they efficiently transitioned from the steel pipe to the cast iron pipe. The 8° angle flexibility of the FRIAGRIP couplings also allowed them to manage the offset between the two pipes seamlessly.

An excellent example of how the features of UltraGrips superior angular deflection can benefit the installer.

Distributor: Aliaxis Deutschland

UltraGrip Installation in Germany

UltraGrip Installation in Germany

UltraGrip Installation in Germany

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