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Viking Johnson UltraGrip Coesfeld

UltraGrip Pipework Upgrade - Coesfeld

Client: Stadtwerle Coesfeld - North Rhine Westphalia

Distributor: Friatec

Specification: FriaGrip DN400

Project: New larger size DN400 Next Generation UltraGrip secures field success. Stadtwerke Coesfeld, a water utility based in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany, needed to repair a leaking and severely corroded DN400 grey cast iron pipe. The condition of the pipe and level of corrosion was such that a standard stainless steel repair clamp would not form and adequate seal to provide a satifactory long term repair, so the water utility decided to replace the damaged 6-8 metre section of the pipe. Normally connections of this nature would be made using restrained screwed union type fittings, but after evaluating alternatives available, the water utility selected the new DN400 FriaGrip coupling since it offered new benefits for this kind of work.

Grey cast iron pipe is notorious for having varying outside diameters and also for being oval, which can cause problems for installation, but the 44mm tolerance in the pre-assembled DN400 FriaGrip ensured the fittings could be easily positioned on the repair and combined with the captive bolt mechanism meant only a single spanner/ torque wrench was needed to fit the product in just 35 minutes. The unique sealing gasket ensured the best possible seal on the scored and severely corroded pipes and the progressive gripping mechanism provided the required end restraint for the connection.

The FriaGrip coupling comes fully coated in Black Rilsan Nylon 11, a thermoplastic polyamide produced from a renewable raw material of plant origin (Castor Oil) that has excellent resistance to impact, abrasion and weathering to allow for rough site handling on site and ensure that without any further work on site, the desire life expectancy is achieved. FriaGrip is available from DN40 to DN400, has a tolerance of up to 44mm, accomodates steel, grey cast iron and ductile iron pipes, making it the fast and efficient product for use in repair situation on corroded pipes requiring full end restraint.

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