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New pump station at Ein Karem Reservoir

Viking Johnson has manufactured and supplied two DN2400 PN16 Dismantling Joints to Lirom Technical Equipment Ltd, their channel partner in Israel, for the Mekorot Water Company to be installed at Ein Karem Reservoir Pumping Station, located south west of Jerusalem. The project was designed by Tahal Engineers Ltd. based in Tel Aviv . The new Pump Station is part of the The Fifth Line to Jerusalem which will serve 1 million people in the area and is scheduled to open in 2022.

The high performance Dismantling Joints are designed in accordance with AWWA C219, with the manufacturing process incorporating the use of flash butt welding cold expansion. This method increases the strength of the steel through work hardening, ensures roundness of manufacture and verifies structural integrity of the material with loads substantially greater than in service and negates the need for any works hydrostatic pressure testing.

The use of high tensile steel in the tie rods that carry the end load forces means there is an overall reduction in not only the weight of the product but also installation time.

The metal components are coated with Rilsan Nylon 11®,which is WRAS approved for use with potable water, and offers long term corrosion protection and resistance to impact damage. The nuts & bolts to the flange adaptor in the fitting are Sheraplex coated to WIS 4-52-03, which does not gall when re-used and offers a consistent “torque / load” ratio reducing the sensitivity during installation while providing long term corrosion protection.


Mekorot Water Company


Dismantling Joints Set

February 2021

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