AquaFast Large Diameter - An Easy Install

Viking Johnson has launched a range extension for the successfully proven AquaFast, which will now be available in sizes from 355mm to 450mm diameter for both couplings and flange adaptors.

Large Diameter AquaFast has a distinctive advantage for PE emergency repairs with only one part number needed per nominal pipe size, it is a simple installation with a minimal number of bolts to tighten and no requirement for a liner or specialist tools. So installation costs are reduced too.

Some of the additional product benefits include:

  • Fittings come fully assembled
  • An enhanced gripping mechanism
  • Clamp bands can be rotated to desired position to assist installation.
  • Suitable for installation in all weather conditions
  • AquaFast LD is approved, tested and compliant.

Ease of installation was confirmed at first-hand by Jason Perryman from Clancy Docwra who trialled AquaFast Large Diameter and commented positively -

“Clancy Docwcra are always looking at new ways and new methods to make the job essentially quicker, easier and most importantly safer. The AquaFast is a nice ‘easy to use coupling’ because it does not need to be disassembled and you don’t need a vast array of tools, which speeds up the installation process”

View the AquaFast Large Diameter Range >