Style 4100 Slip On Type

  • Eliminates backflow and seals around entrapped solids
  • 25mm to 2438mm (1" to 96") DN
  • Rugged all elastomer construction is a full variety of materials
  • Maintenance free operation with no mechanical components that can corrode or freeze
  • Lower head loss than conventional check valves
  • Will open with as little as 25mm WC. Drop tight at 30psi over 18.3m WC.
  • Quiet operation, no slamming
  • Non-plugging
  • Provides corrosion and abrasion resistance
  • Versatile construction for a wide range of applications
  • Can be designed to slip over any smooth or corrugated pipe
  • No flanges needed for installation
  • Special sizes available
  • Slip-on and seals to OD of pipe using two clamp bands

1 Style 4100

Style 4100

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