Style 1100LW & 1101LW

  • Extremely flexible design with minimum stiffness and deflection forces
  • 121°C with (1.72 Bar g) and (10"Hg) service standard
  • Versatile hand-built construction allows PosiFlex to work with the system requirements to develop an optimal and cost-effective solution, including non-standard face-to-face dimensions, no arch, single or multiple arch designs in straight or reducing arrangements
  • Standard drillings include: ANSI/AWWA, DIN and PN
  • Integral flange design, no gaskets required
  • Ideal flex connector for fans, blowers and other industrial OEM equipment
  • Absorbs system noise, vibration and shock
  • Compensates for minor misalignment and offset while providing easy access to piping and equipment

1 Style 1100LW

No arch


2 Style 1101LW

Single (1) arch

style 1101cr

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