MattSeal EasiTee

  • Branch outlets from DN80 up to the same size as main, even on old grey cast iron pipe
  • Can be installed under pressure - no costly mains shutdown, disruption to customers, dirty water complaints
  • Upto 12mm pipe size tolerance to suit a number of popular pipe materials of the same nominal bore, reducing stock holding
  • Available from DN350 to DN600

Pipe Materials

Ductile Iron Steel Cast Iron



1 Flexible

Ability to fabricate any flange drilling or outlet (subject to pressure rating of the product).

2 Reliable Sealing

The 'waffle' gasket is designed to fully surround the pipe within the housing offering optimal sealing.

3 Excellent Corrosion Protection

The sleeve or body are fully coated in Black Rilsan Nylon 11 which has excellent resistance to impact, abrasion, weathering and chemicals as well as good thermal stability and flexibility to accommodate for rough site handling. It is WRAS listed.

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