• HandiBand will seal corrosion holes, impact damage and longitudinal cracks
  • A high quality repair clamp designed for localised damage on small bore pipes
  • Suitable for DN15 to DN50 (1/2" to 2")

Pipe Materials

Ductile Iron Steel PVC Cast Iron Asbestos Cement Stainless Steel PE HEP30 GRP ABS Clay Concrete Copper Lead


Water Gas

1 Corrosion Protection

Components constructed of fully-passivated stainless steel (Grade 304) with no need for any further protection on-site (e.g. on-site wrapping). Bolts are secured with Dacromet coated nuts to prevent galling.

Viking Johnson HandiRange Protection

2 Easy Installation

Rapid installation in poor site conditions, made easy with simple, 'flip-over' action and self retaining bolts.

Viking Johnson HandiRange Easy Installation

3 First Time Seal

All encompassing waffle gasket offers a guarenteed reliable seal even on badly corroded pipes.

Viking Johnson HandiRange Seal

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    HandiRange Brochure

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