Resilient Seated Gate Valve - Series 32

  • Suitable for use with water, neutral liquids and sewage
  • Clockwise closing as standard or anti-clockwise closing where specified
  • Handwheel option
  • Valve Position Indicator option
  • Sea water version
  • ISO flanged version for gearbox or actuator mounting
  • Gearbox option
  • Powered Actuator option
  • WRAS approved materials


Water Industrial

1 Body & Bonnet

Manufactured from ductile iron to EN-GJS-450 offering improved durability.~~ Flanges are available drilled to PN10 or PN16

2 Operation

Handwheel – Where valves are installed above ground ~~Gearbox & Handwheel – Where high system pressures increase operating forces above the level suitable for direct operation.~~ Actuation – Electric, hydraulic or pneumatic to suit remote operation ~~Cap Top as standard – Dimensions in accordance with BS1074 design standards for operation using a standard waterworks tee-key

3 Applications

Potable water distribution mains ~~Effluent systems ~~Irrigation ~~Fire protection ~~Pumping systems ~~ Industrial water systems ~~Cooling water systems ~~Air conditioning systems

4 Coating

WRAS listed fusion bonded epoxy coating, minimum thickness 250 micron ~~Corrosion resistant construction

5 Fasteners

A2 stainless steel sealed body / bonnet bolts for enhanced corrosion resistance

6 Wedge

Ductile Iron Wedge totally encapsulated with EPDM WRAS elastomer (Nitrile option available)

7 Stem

Stem sealing o-rings replaceable under pressure ~~Stainless steel non rising stem - for improved corrosion resistance

8 Ancillaries

Handwheels~~ Gearboxes c/w handwheels~~ Powered actuators – Electric, hydraulic, pneumatic~~ Valve position indicators~~ Extension spindles~~ Chain wheels

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    Resilient Seated Gate Valve Brochure

    For System & Network Isolation


  • DR8522 VJ CAT flow rsgv V1

    Resilient Seated Gate Valve Brochure - MENA


Data Sheets

  • 1. Resilient Seated Gate Valve - Series 31, 32, 33 & 34 Datasheet Download > (PDF)