Eccentric Plug Valve - Series 601

  • Ductile iron body and bonnet – for durability and reduced weight
  • Fully moulded disk assembly – ‘O’ Ring profile seat ensures tight shut off
  • Nylon reinforced hinge – provides extended operating performance
  • Temperature rating: (Nitrile) 0°C to 90°C (EPDM) 10°C to 90°C
  • External backflush device (DN50 - DN600) – optional inclusion for system priming or flushing
  • Rubber lining (DN80 - DN600) – optional inclusion for abrasive media
  • Flange drillings: PN10, PN16, ANSI


Water Industrial

1 Body

The Eccentric Plug Valve body casting is BS1452nGrade 220 (ASTM A126 Class B) cast iron using high pressure moulding techniques for consistent quality and precision.Flanges are available drilled to PN16, PN10 or ANSI B16.1 Class 125. Alternative grooved or mechanical joint ends are available.

Viking Johnson Eccentric Plug Valve.cross-section

2 Seat

On sizes DN80 and above, the Eccentric Plug Valve incorporates, as standard, an 1/8” thick, 99% welded nickel seat for corrosion and erosion resistance, specially profiled for low torque and extended seat life. On DN65 only corrosion resistant epoxy seat is available for general duties.

3 Stem Seal

High integrity sealing is achieved by combining the advantages of a resilient, abrasion resistant u-cup seal. From vacuum to high pressure, the self-adjusting sealing system gives positive, trouble-free service and is retained independently of the plug stem or external torque device, eliminating periodic maintenance.

4 Bearings

The plug rotates in permanently lubricated 316 stainless steel bearings located in the body and bonnet, along with upper and lower PTFE thrust washers which ensure consistently low operating torque.

5 Position Indication

Eccentric Plug Valves equipped with a torque collar have open and closed travel stops and are fitted with an intermediate position indicator.

6 Bonnet

Superior ‘O’ ring sealing on sizes up to DN800 means lower bolting stresses compared with compression gaskets. Asbestos-free gaskets are used on sizes DN900 and above.

7 Flow

The round port design (up to and including DN300) with streamlined internal contours gives class leading high capacity straight through flow in the fully open position, reducing turbulence, pressure drop and the effect of erosive media. Flow of sludges and slurries is therefore also enhanced. Sizes DN350 and above have rectangular ports.

8 Interchangeable

The face-to-face dimensions on sizes DN300 and below are identical to BS5163 gate valves. Therefore, fitting an Eccentric Plug Valve as a replacement for a gate valve can be accomplished without pipeline modification.

9 Plug

The ductile iron plug is supported on integral trunnions, and is encapsulated in an elastomeric polymer, providing leaktight shut-off in either direction, even under vacuum conditions. High integrity sealing is achieved by any of the abrasion resistant elastomers. The PTFE thrust washers prevent entry of abrasive materials into the bearings.

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Data Sheets

  • 1. Eccentric Plug Valve - Series 601 DN65 to DN300 Datasheet Download > (PDF)
  • 2. Eccentric Plug Valve - Series 601 DN350 and above Datasheet Download > (PDF)
  • 3. Eccentric Plug Valve - Series 601 Elastomer Selection Datasheet Download > (PDF)
  • 4. Eccentric Plug Valve - Series 601 Rubber lined DN80 to DN350 Datasheet Download > (PDF)

Fitting Instructions

  • epc milliken Eccentric Plug Valve Installation Instructions - Working in Partnership with Milliken
  • EPV.JPG Eccentric Plug Valve Installation Card